Protecting All Children from Sexual Abuse

Ishama, 13 years old

When I was 12, my mum was forced to go abroad to earn money and left me with my Auntie Laxmi in Pokhara. I had to work in her hotel. The work was very hard and I missed my mum. One evening a man did bad things to me. He hurt me and I was scared and ashamed. I didn’t want it to happen again so I told my Auntie. She told me not worry. But it happened again, and again. I kept telling my Auntie but he didn’t stop. I didn’t know what to do. I was frightened but had nowhere to go. I thought it would never end.

Suddenly, one day a woman [Kidasha outreach worker] and the police came and took me away. I didn’t know where I was going but they took me to a shelter [Kidasha Emergency Shelter] with other girls my age. Everyone was kind to me but I was scared and didn’t want to talk to anyone. They let me play, draw and dance, and eventually, I felt comfortable enough to talk to Sabina [Kidasha counsellor]. She helped me feel safe and talking about what happened made me feel better.

Being able to talk with the other girls I don’t feel so alone. I’ve started taking classes in the shelter and am excited to go back to school soon and be a normal girl.

Kidasha’s team worked with the police to ensure that both the man who sexually abused Ishama and her aunt are now in custody awaiting trial.

Kidasha Safe Home For Victim of Sexual Abuse

£200 could provide a business start-up grant for a young person


Positive Employment Opportunities

Kidasha New Jobs

“I’ve now learned a skill and have a decent job which means I can stand on my own two feet. I feel safe now as I’m no longer dependent on others and I look forward to my future.”


– 17 year old survivor of sexual abuse

Trafficking, sexual abuse and sexual exploitation are highly prevalent in Nepal. For children living in chronic poverty, the risk is particularly high. However, most cases remain unreported, accepted or ignored with child victims having little or choice and nowhere to go for help.

Recognising that both boys and girls are vulnerable to sexual abuse, Kidasha works to increase the awareness of all children to the risks. Our outreach workers are constantly monitoring the streets, slums and businesses to identify victims or children in high-risk situations. In partnership with local authorities, we rescue these children and initiate action against perpetrators.

Our shelters provide a safe and nurturing environment for these children to recover and supports them wherever possible to go home. For those where this is not possible, we provide them with education, training and business/employment opportunities to enable them to live independently.

Kidasha CSA Home

Key Achievements

Over the last 5 years we have:

    • Provided over 650 girls and boys with protective shelter.
    • Reintegrated over 500 girls and boys with their families or found them safe places to live.
    • Raised awareness of sexual abuse among almost 10,000 street, working and at-risk children.

£50 a month will provide a safe place for a young victim of sexual abuse to recover