By P. Vandorn. University of Texas at Dallas.

According to Atten- Gait as a biomechanical attractor borough (2003) topiramate 100 mg without a prescription symptoms jaw cancer, the ‘persistence hunt’ is the most ancient of hunting techniques order 100 mg topiramate fast delivery symptoms dust mites. This method of hunting Gait buy generic topiramate 100mg on line symptoms 9 weeks pregnancy, in general, can be viewed as a repetitive mobili- involves picking out the (usually largest) male stag of zation of all the joints of the human body. Impor- a herd and chasing it and tracking it during the middle tantly, the sacroiliac joints, which are the point of of the day. This latter fact is of great significance as: summation of ground reaction and descending iner- tial forces during gait, are mobilized into posterior • humans have a cooling system of sweat glands rotation during the weight-bearing phase of gait via covering their naked skin which other large the deep longitudinal sling mechanism. Since heel- mammals do not strike – and therefore greatest kinetic loading – occurs • humans walk upright, minimizing their when the innominate is in its most posteriorly rotated exposure to the overhead midday sun position, it is plausible that the cumulative effect of • humans use a series of energy-conserving sling multiple heel-strikes is a relative posterior mobiliza- systems to effect a more efficient gait than tion of the innominate, suggested by some authors to tetrapods be a prerequisite for good sacroiliac joint function • humans have the ability to carry water with (DonTigny 1997). Maintaining the sacroiliac joint in its them which an animal does not optimal position is critical to avoid the slackening of • the risk of attracting attention from feline the iliolumbar ligament which occurs when the predators is at a minimum during the middle innominate rotates anteriorly and the subsequent hours of the day since they are primarily compromise of the passive subsystem of the L5–S1 nocturnal hunters. Gait-based activities may also play an important role Hence, it is suggested that the ability to run is a sig- in normalization of blood sugar regulation, energy nificant part of our genetic heritage. This last point may be aside that Beach (personal communication, 2003) coupled with the fact that most gait-based activities states that there is no way that an animal as feeble as are outdoor activities and therefore expose the partici- Homo sapiens could have traversed every ecosystem pant to sunlight, which will contribute to rebalancing of the planet without help from our canine cousins. Anthropol- ogist Dr Colin Groves now suggests that the human– Biomechanical attractor summary dog relationship could be almost as old as modern It is proposed that archetypal rest and instinctive sleep man himself. This gives us a window into: (1) pattern the brain through unconscious rehearsal of which movements are likely to have caused the symp- reptilian crawl patterns. The purpose of the study was to establish the validity and reliability of using primal movements as an alternative assessment tool for functional mobil- Assessment using primal pattern analysis ity in the elderly. Thirty subjects were evaluated with The primal patterns may be used to evaluate ‘chunks’ an average age of 81. A statistically pattern, we know which part of his game is most significant correlation between the primal movement likely deficient – his jump shots and rebounds. The inter-rater reliability findings javelin efficiently requires a combination of the primal demonstrate that the primal movement functional patterns ‘lunge’, ‘twist’ and ‘push’. A deficiency in any assessment tool is a reliable tool for assessing func- of these patterns, or getting these patterns in the wrong tional mobility in the elderly. These findings cannot order, will be significantly detrimental to the perfor- be assumed to apply to all senior citizens since this mance outcome. Hence, in training for the event of was a small group of subjects chosen from a sample javelin, it would be wise to incorporate these three of convenience. There was also an unequal distribu- movement patterns into the conditioning program. To tion of male and female subjects, all of whom regu- train a javelin thrower mainly with squats and standing larly participated in a weekly exercise program cable pulls is not likely to enhance their performance provided at the retirement community center. These findings support the use of primal move- For the mum who is a part-time office worker, the ments in physical therapy assessment of functional lunge, the pull and the push are less likely to be useful disability in the elderly as well as showing promise movement patterns in which she should become for use in physical therapy interventions and as a adept. For her, it is far more important to be successful predictor of falls in the community-dwelling elderly in her environment, to be good at the squat pattern, population. Squatting with optimal determine the efficacy of primal movements as a func- form is the start point for good seated posture. This starts office simple key assessments to look out for, and which are workers in an inappropriate and detrimental spinal applicable as foundation observations in any given posture before they even begin their multiple hours movement pattern. These key assessment features are at their desk (see ‘Neutral spine philosophy’ above). The ability to be able to bend with appropriate and It is noted that handedness, footedness or ‘laterality’ effective biomechanics is a critical skill for a parent patterns contribute to postural imbalances – particu- who has to pick up the children and lift other loads larly in the frontal plane. Striations observed under No hip-back dissociation in lifting dynamic load – especially in frontal and Ability to adopt hip-back dissociation on demand transverse plane, e. Instead, laterality patterns are a dysfunctional the critic may question how motivated the workers result of imbalanced use and therefore a consequence were, this study does demonstrate that there is a likely that must be corrected for if the patient is to biome- benefit in terms of productivity by ‘framing’ work chanically optimize (or ‘survive’) their environment. The whole concept of biomechanical attractors – and in particular instinctive sleep postures and archetypal Barriers to rehabilitation success rest postures – suggests that, if such postures were utilized in the work or home environment, corrective There are two major barriers to rehabilitation success: stretching may not be needed at all. In addi- Strides in this direction have been achieved in some tion, many patients attending naturopathic clinics do workplaces in Germany (Cranz 2000) where floor- so because they are in pain – not because they want based, seated and standing workstations are utilized. This means that a part, or parts, It is the floor-based workstation that specifically offers of their body have reached the point where the rate its own secondary range of working postures – the of cumulative stress has outpaced their rate of healing. As has been discussed above, it To add extra load to such a system through corrective is not that sitting should be made more comfortable exercise may further compromise an already compro- – quite the opposite. To ignore this warning system is akin to taking a painkiller in order Time to play sport. To try to ‘cushion’ or dampen this In this day and age, many patients attend health system (as is the objective of most modern ergonomics clinics with pain conditions or health complaints that approaches) is the equivalent of bandaging an ankle are largely caused by a sedentary lifestyle and the in order to play sport. The problem is being acknowl- inability to express a perceived stress, such as a dead- edged, but not really addressed. With the rapid evolu- line or monthly target, with physical reaction, such as tion of the communications age, with connectivity and running or fighting. Making time for exercise and wireless gadgetry, multiple workstations are becom- stretching is a major challenge for many patients. As soon as the patient is symptom-free, ticular the gait patterns, health of most synovial joints they most commonly ‘forget’ to do their stretches or can be maintained, ranges of motion, proprioception, exercises, until something else goes wrong some coordination and many of the body’s natural pumping months down the line. Neither are we designed to exercise for exercise’s sake (see functional exercise above). Physiological load refers to the cumulative total of Historically, exercise has had a significant purpose, stressors on the individual’s system. Such physiological played out by many a sports person and is exactly load results in increased adrenal stress and commonly why people will usually work themselves several reaches a point where adding further load to the figu- times harder chasing after (hunting) a ball, than they rative ‘camel’s back’ is literally enough to break it. Exercise as a stressor Studies have shown that working a longer day does Before advising patients to exercise, in whatever form not always pay dividends in terms of productivity. Anyone who • Poor digestion/↓ salivation has chronic pain has a corresponding limbic-emo- • Constipation tional load – as pain is stressful and disrupts function. As a result, • Night sweats the patient will most likely have visceral symptoms – • Orgasm/genital inhibition as adrenaline shuts down digestive and assimilative processes, sending the body into a catabolic state. Parasympathetic indicators: literature on training and adaptation to training is • Strong or excessive digestion taken from young elite sportsmen and women who: • Hyperactive bowel; colicky • have higher levels of growth hormone than • Incontinence your average middle-aged patient • Orthostatic failure upon rising • have a greater training age8 than the average • ↓ Respiratory rate patient • Poor sleep quality; hibernation • may be eating more healthily than the average • ↑ Mucus secretions patient • Nervousness; depression; somnolence • have a greater genetic propensity for • Hands warm and dry adaptation (hence the reason they are elite • ↑ Gag reflex athletes). To many, the way that they relax is drive is so exhausted, they have drifted into increased by going for a run, playing a game of squash, or doing parasympathetic tone (Wolcott & Fahey 2000). This is an ‘adrenaline sport’ such as rock-climbing, parachute commonly a sign of significant adrenal fatigue (Wilson jumps or bungee jumping. In physics this may be seen to result in an apparent decreased stress level, but the Stress and breath underlying dysfunction has not been effectively dealt with. Stressors come in many guises: from work stress to relationship stress, financial stress to postural stress, chemical stress to electromagnetic stress.

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Visual assessment of oesophageal transit is usually done before quanti- tative analysis is performed buy topiramate 100mg without a prescription treatment pink eye. A cine-display of the images is helpful to identify subtle retrograde motion or retention of the tracer discount topiramate 100mg without prescription symptoms 7dpo. A useful additional method of display is to condense each dynamic image into a single column of pixels (y axis) order topiramate 200 mg visa symptoms chlamydia, with time expressed on the x axis. The resulting image of composite vertical lines is often useful to recognize subtle abnormalities. Interpretation The steps listed below should be taken: —Note the activity, positioning and time frames used for the study. Principle Thyroid scintigraphy is based on iodide physiology involving the following: iodine ingestion, trapping and concentration in the thyroid, oxidation and organification to produce iodotyrosines, and a coupling process to form thyroid hormones. In thyroid imaging, the radioiodine is readily taken up by the thyroid gland, where it is trapped and concentrated from the plasma, and then undergoes the organification process. The presence of high concentrations of these radiotracers in the thyroid gland provides excellent visualization of the gland by the gamma camera. Clinical indications Thyroid scintigraphy may be required for any of the following purposes: (a) To determine the size of the thyroid gland; (b) For localization of thyroid nodules; (c) To determine the activity of thyroid nodules; (d) To determine functional status of the thyroid gland; (e) To evaluate presence of ectopic thyroid tissues, thyroglossal duct cysts and substernal masses. Radiopharmaceuticals Details of the radiopharmaceuticals used in thyroid scintigraphy are given in Tables 5. Some centres have tried using other radiopharmaceuticals for evaluation of the thyroid gland. Consequently, doses which are already 24 hours old cannot be used Tc-99m Less expensive and readily Oesophageal activity can be mistaken pertechnetate available for ectopic thyroid tissue More rapid examination Organification function cannot be Provides lowest radiation dose/ evaluated unit of administered activity thyroid replacement treatment cannot be discontinued and for looking for cancer metastases in patients with high serum thyroglobulin but with negative 99m radioiodine scans. Other myocardial perfusion agents ( Tc-sestamibi and tetrofosmin) have also been utilized primarily to search for residual or recurrent thyroid cancer, but their clinical usefulness has not yet been fully 131 assessed. Technetium-99m pertechnetate or low-dose radioiodine I should be used for routine thyroid scanning. Equipment A gamma camera with a pinhole collimator is preferred, to allow multiple views of the thyroid and better resolution of thyroid nodules. Clinical contraindications Radiopharmaceuticals are contraindicated in pregnant women. Enquiries should be made about the menstrual history of female patients in the repro- ductive age group. Discontinuation of breast feeding for nursing mothers (12 hours for 99mTc, permanently for current child with 131I). Procedure The following procedure should be adopted: (a) Patient position: Supine with neck extended to elevate the thyroid. Delayed images at 24 hours have lower body background but with a lower count rate. Note the size, shape and location of the thyroid gland: the thyroid is normally a bilobed or a butterfly shaped organ with each lobe typically measuring 4–5 cm by 1. The thyroid lies superior to the suprasternal notch, though this is dependent on the degree of neck extension present at the time of imaging. Assess the tracer distribution in the thyroid gland: the tracer uptake in the gland should be homogeneous and uniform. Intensely increased uptake in the gland denotes a diffusely hyperplastic gland (e. Uptake in only one portion or one lobe is commonly seen post-surgery or in hyperfunctioning autonomous adenomas. Diffusely decreased tracer uptake or non-visualization may be seen in cases with concomitant anti-thyroid medication, in patients with an increased iodine pool and in patients under thyroid suppression secondary to thyroid replacement therapy. In early subacute thyroiditis (de Quervain’s syndrome), there is very poor tracer localization in the thyroid gland rendering visualization of the gland poor. Correlate with the clinical findings on palpation: evaluation of the nodules is one of the most frequent clinical indications of thyroid scanning. Identification of these nodules is based on areas of altered uptake in comparison with the rest of the gland and should always be interpreted in correlation with the palpation findings. The presence of increased uptake denotes a metabolically active nodule (‘hot nodule’), most often a result of a benign process (autonomous adenoma) as may be seen in Plummer’s disease. However, functioning nodules are not very common, occurring in less than 10% of all demonstrable palpable nodules. In comparison, the presence of nodules with decreased to absent tracer uptake connotes a non-functioning nodule (‘cold nodule’). Solitary cold nodules are commonly due to an adenoma, colloid cyst or primary thyroid carcinoma. Clinical indications Thyroid uptake measurements can be made for the following reasons: (a) To determine the functional status of the thyroid gland; (b) To calculate specific doses for the treatment of hyperthyroidism and ablation therapy of thyroid cancer; (c) To differentiate forms of thyrotoxicosis (thyroiditis, factitious hyperthy- roidism and Graves’ disease). Choose the dose that is closest in activity to the standard for that batch of in-house prepared doses. After oral administration of radioiodine, the 2, 24 and 48 hour uptake measurements are done to see the rate of uptake, total buildup and discharge of radioiodine by the thyroid gland. S1- S2 —Repeat the counting at 24 and 48 hours, and calculate the percentage uptakes. This is normally determined by the dietary iodine intake, types of equipment, standard applica- tions and uptake phantoms. Hyperthyroid individuals (with Graves’ disease, toxic adenoma or toxic multinodular goitre) have elevated uptake values, while patients with subacute thyroiditis or factitious hyperthyroidism will have low to normal uptake values. A low uptake value has a lower precision, brought about by decreased counting statistics. The interpretation of uptake should be made in conjunction with the patient’s history and drug medication intake. Principle Whole body scanning is primarily used for detection of thyroid metastases or thyroid tissue with residual function. Radioiodine is extracted by the residual thyroid tissue and by 75% of well differentiated thyroid cancers with similar iodide physiology. Clinical indications Whole body imaging can be used to: (a) Determine the presence and extent of residual thyroid tissue after surgery; (b) Localize metastases of thyroid carcinoma. Most centres favour this dose range in order to avoid the possibility of thyroid stunning. Other investigators have proposed conducting diagnostic imaging coincident with the therapeutic dose of 131I. In some cases, small metastatic deposits can only be visualized after therapeutic doses of 131I. Thallium-201 or 99mTc-sestamibi have also been utilized in detecting residual thyroid tissues.

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