If you prefer to donate offline, please make your cheque, postal order or CAF voucher payable to ‘Kidasha’, or donate directly to our bank (at HSBC, acc name Kidasha, acc no. 81368923, sort 40-02-31).

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Regular donations enable us to make long-term commitments to our projects and the children they support.

By making a monthly donation your gift provides vulnerable children with the security of knowing our services will always be available to them.

At only 4 years old, Dinesh and his family were made homeless by the earthquake and migrated to Pokhara, where they now live in a single room in a slum.
We are working with hundreds of families just like Dinesh’s, who had very little before the quake and now have nothing, to help them recover a level of normality and self-sufficiency. Supporting a family like Dinesh’s over the coming months could cost in excess of £150, but smaller amounts can help too:

Dinesh’s family have already migrated to live in the slums of Pokhara, but our hope is that more families will be able to stay together and not have to move. Migrating to a new area creates a lot of upheaval, adding to the trauma and anxiety created by the quakes. Even worse, urban slum living introduces new risks for children such as violence, substance abuse and the temptation to drop out of school and enter work situations, with the inherent risk of abuse and exploitation.

We are working in Dhading to help families stay together in their home villages so that they can rebuild their lives with the comfort of familiar surroundings.